Ways To Have Your Car Maintain

Service Appointment Made Hassle-Free with Suzuki’s New Online Feature!


Hassle-free service for your car is now even made better with ways Suzuki Philippines envisioned to provide customers they deserve from a brand they have grown to trust and love. 

On-Line Suzuki Service Appointment Feature.

This new service found on the website allows customers to request a service appointment schedule with their preferred dealership by simply filling out an online booking form in the comfort and safety of their own homes. 

New Website Feature To Announce The Latest Promo Offering. To make sure that your Suzuki reliable vehicle is able to perform at its optimum level, the newest website feature will boast the latest offering such as the All-in 4999 Heavy PMS Package Promo.

All-In 4999 Heavy PMS Package Promo. The latest efforts to reach customers as part to face the new normal. The All-In 4999 Heavy PMS package promo! The package includes products and essentials: Suzuki Genuine Mineral Oil (5W30), Oil Filter, Drain Plug Gasket, Spark Plugs, Air Filter, Brake Fluid, Engine Coolant, Brake Cleaner, Manual or Automatic Transmission Fluid. 

These new ways and features aim to connect and reward loyal Suzuki’s customers as the brand stays true to its mission of finding more ways to connect within the Suzuki community. 

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Article: Alex A Source: Suzuki Philippines Production: J AD Media

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