One-Day Repair Solutions From Holcim

Plans to Complete Baguio, Davao, And Other Project Outside Metro Manila With Its One-Day Technology Road Repair Solution Of Holcim


The proven performance of SFCrete from Holcim Philippines, the leading cement manufacturer, has made building and road repair projects in just 24 hours after repairs compared with regular concrete, which needs three to 14 days for curing. 

SFCrete will keep workers safe. Keeping workers safe enables contractors to deploy fewer people and make workers in its top working condition. It helps and benefits the quality of the projects.

SFCrete is accredited by DPWH. The SFCrete solution provides one to two-day curing with u compromised quality. It will help the government reduce disruption from the rehabilitation of main roads in urban areas as well as municipalities around town.

Lessen disruption to commuters. Urban planning and projects outside the National Capital Region will help enhance contractor projects in government road repairs in other urban areas and that keeps delays and disruption to the actual project and commuters using the road at a minimum.

SFCrete is part of the company’s thrust to provide building solutions to support local partners engaged in the country’s infrastructure upgrades including road rehabilitation. We are committed to further introducing these construction solutions to help the country build better.”

Mr. Maganti,  Senior Vice President for Marketing, Holcim Philippines

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Article: Alex A Source: Holcim Philippines Production: J AD Media

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