How to make MC Taxis Safer on the Road


Motorcycle and other transport services gradually keep the economy rolling for recovery. Some unresolved points are needed to address for better resolution. We are privileged that technical experts from different sectors in the public health, transport advocate, and motorcycle safety firm, stand and share their position to clear out the pros & cons of what is developing in the motorcycle transportation issues. 

Here’s a quick thought. If helmets and facemask are not enough to conceal Covid-19 transmission for riders and their back-rides, is installing barriers might contribute additional protection? Public roads cannot guarantee safe motorcycle riding while riders are required these barriers that don’t aesthetically design by motorcycle designers and manufacturers for safe use. How can we make a motorcycle taxi safer on the road? Both concerns create predicament on certain angles. How do we bridge the gap between safe back riding without risk of accident and a safe suppression of Covid-19?

Some collaborative suggestion that transpires on how to make the motorcycle taxis safer on the road beside the protocols set.

Add a layer of protection to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

The study reveals that the use of face masks may contribute protection from 17.4% to 3.1% when worn in preventing the transmission of the virus. Helmets may also function as face shields, for the possible intrusion of air droplets besides safety gear protection when traveling.  Barriers also serve as an added concealer and need to be further explored to determine safety benefits in an injury.

Photo: IATF – Development Academy of the Philippines

Safety standards shields with proper implementation and design will be a great help.

Motorcycles are not designed to have additional sturdy material fixedly installed. Besides the possibility of warranty void of the motorcycle, it will impede safety operation even for professional riders. 

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