HYUNDAI Reaches 2,912 Units Sold

HARI’s cumulative sales already reached 2,912 units, even the country underwent some major setbacks that affected the economy.

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. gains more momentum in the commercial vehicle industry, furthermore, making it a powerhouse player in the industry. On the contrary to the major setbacks on our economy, Hyundai reaches 2,912 units sold. A cumulative sales record performance. So Hyundai made it to the third top-ranking CV brand in the country.


The Commercial vehicles, comprised of trucks and buses, performed well so sales grew by 72%. In addition, it performs a unit sales of 3,720. Not only contributing a significant share of 19.1% in totality but also made HARI sales of 711 units grew by an absolute 672.8% growth.

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In the truck segment, the top 3 categories of trucks are Cat. III, Cat. IV-A, and Cat. V. As a result, it contributed 94% of the total truck segment. The market shares comprised 58%, 24%, and 12%, respectively. Thus, It made HARI at the 3rd spot in this segment. Adding an 18.1% market share of 658 unit sales. Moreover, it translates to a growth rate of 1,780%.

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In the bus segment sales, it remained a challenge due to travel restrictions but it still shows promising performance. 89% share of sales went to Cat. IV-A buses on record. Indeed, HARI continues to dominate the 76.5% market share. 52 units, of its major sales, are from Hyundai’s dependable mass transport fleets. Undoubtedly, it’s a commanding 43-unit lead versus its competitors.

“We welcome this new achievement of Hyundai Trucks and Buses in the Philippines as a big win, not only for us at HARI and our dealer network, but even more inspiringly, this is a triumphant milestone for Filipino entrepreneurs, because of their boldness to keep on going by partnering with brands like Hyundai to help move the economy for the better in every way possible.”

-Ms. Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo, HARI President and CEO.

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