Warming Up Your Car the Right Way

Warming up your car the right way ensures a smooth journey with Prestone’s New Auto Transmission, Power Steering Fluids.

Generally speaking, most car owners don’t use their vehicles frequently due to this pandemic. And having a personal ride for front-liners is better. In essence, Warming up your car the right way and seldom-used ensures smooth operation when needed.


Given this point, Prestone Philippines reminds motorists to have a regular check-up of their vehicles. In any event, it will avoid hassles of car breakdown and enjoy most of your trip. In fact, checking the transmission and power steering fluids often is better. After all, regular maintenance rights will give you benefits.


Shifting With Ease

It lubricates the bearings and metal parts inside a car’s automatic gearbox. In short, it keeps out from grinding down as moving parts maintain.

Turning With Ease

For the most part, the hydraulic and power steering fluid plays a vital role in your steering system. It allows the steering wheel to play smoothly. And using PSF on cars may vary depending on the required ATF.

Prestone highly recommends that car owners periodically change their car’s PSF, using high-quality fluids and consulting expert mechanics to maintain it.


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