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Use GrabPay to pay for your AutoSweep and EasyTrip transactions


Commuters and travellers accessing major highways like SLEx and NLEx traditionally paying cash on tollways. The recent upgrades on RFID and cashless transactions help reduced traffic build up. Cashless transactions lessens COVID-19 transmission. Both driver and tollway attendantare safer. But where to pay or reload your RFID? Use GrabPay to pay for their AutoSweep and EasyTrip transactions.

Grab introduced the GrabPay Bill Payment feature for toll payments during the first quarter of 2021. It made commuters pass through tollways safer and easier as well.

How to use of AutoSweep and EasyTrip easily on GrabPay accounts for toll payments.

  • Go to Bills on the Grab app
  • Select either AutoSweep or EasyTrip
  • Enter account number and amount and wait for confirmation

“Our partnership with AutoSweep and EasyTrip is one of Grab’s initiatives to provide cashless payment options for Filipinos. With many livelihoods and industries relying on the transport of goods and services along the major highways in the country every day, it is important to ensure the safety and health of drivers when they pay for transport fees. We hope that providing more convenient payment methods with both AutoSweep and EasyTrip will give our motorists and their families more peace of mind, especially during these times.”

Erwin Yamsuan, Country Lead for Grab Financial Group Philippines.

For more information on GrabPay’s Bills Payment feature, please visit

Article: Alex A Source: Grab Philippines Production: J AD Media

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