The Harley-Davidson Pan America Philippine Debut


The Philippine launch of the Harley-Davidson Pan America concluded last weekend. Virtual Launch, Open House, and Test Rides are among the options during its debut. We are privileged to witness the Open House prepared by Wheeltek Harley-Davidson Cavite and a wide understanding about Harley-Davidson and the Harley-Davidson Pan America has become a clear picture.

The Harley-Davidson Pan America Special edition is on display for personal grasp of what Pan America is all about. Surprisingly, the Pan America is a very different motorcycle category amongst the roaster of the Harley-Davidson models. It is the first adventure-tourer bike created and built to endure and explore. As its name suggests, Pan America means freedom and independence. It fits its character and design Harley-Davidson is positioning.

For some, questions still need to unfold. Can Pan America deliver its promise as your competitive premier two-wheel built to endure and explore for your adventure? 

(source: H-D Press-kit History Archive)

Firstly, since the early age of motorcycling, Harley-Davidson has been racing on dirt and board tracks. Conquering the title as the fastest motorcycle together with the Harley-Davidson Flat Track Team and the H-D factory team, “The Wrecking Crew” during the 1940’s.

(source: H-D Press-kit History Archive)

Prominent racers like Joe Petrali, Ralph Hepburn, Albert Burns, and “Wild Bill” Johnson are known Harley-Davidson riders that attest its rich history. 

shovelhead 1966-1985 (source: H-D Press-kit History Archive)

Secondly, the legendary V-Twin engine design adopted by its Revolution Max 1250, is a power-horse. According to the Harley-Davidson website history archives, as early as 1908 started its competing year for Harley-Davidson. The founder himself, Walter G. Davidson was competing with a single cylinder and scored with flying colors.

source: H-D Press-kit History Archive

It was this single cylinder design that triggered the V-Twin design to score perfect points for the brand. It was a history of endurance and reliability that tested and marked its edge as a reliable V-Twin engine engineered by Harley-Davidson. This engine design, which was run by the “Federation of American Motorcyclists, still exists today.

Charlie Peet negotiating his turn (source: H-D Press-kit History Archive)

And finally, competition sells motorcycles. The Harley-Davidson has been out competing in speed sports. Hillclimbing is one of its first sanctioned sports participated during the 1910 alongside with Indian and Triumph motorcycles.

Like its other adventure-tourer counterparts that exist to date, engineering design and advancement in technology is not new for Harley-Davidson. They stay on its grass roots but the advancement in engineering and technology is up to its edge.

This record in history can conclude that the Harley-Davidson Pan America has its competing edge. But will the Filipinos love the Harley-Davidson Pan America? 


Filipinos love the privileged feel of “stand-out” and “first-to-have”. Talking about the ride, the Harley-Davidson is already an iconic brand for generations.

Its legendary V-Twin engine design speaks for itself in history. Its Revolution® Max engine is a liquid-cooled powertrain that can deliver ample torque for your choice of adventure.

Its new body frame is technically designed to  maximize control, performance, and center of gravity management on tough roads. It also has 7-Riding Mode, first in the H-D engineering design, that adapts to your adventure riding preference.


Asian built riders tend to stay away from motorbikes that have a seat height that compromises rideability. The Pan America is so revolutionary that it has an Adaptive Ride Height and a Semi-active front & rear suspension. It helps Filipinos with vertically-challenged issues build confidence riding this bike.

The suspension system automatically adjusts when it stops to compensate for the seat height of the rider. The seats can also be adjusted to its lowest configuration. Its rear shock has electronic preload control and semi-active damping that keeps a balanced response on different terrain. 


Any adventure-tourer bike has to be trail-ready. Bikes available in the market have an optional configuration and set-up to meet this quality. With Pan America, it promises you to be ready for wherever the road takes you.

Its special edition model has several enhancements that come standard such as skid plate, brush guards, and steering dampers. That includes the clip-on hand-guard feature that is engineered to give extra safety on crashes. It also has a daymaker adaptive light that adjusts its illuminance based on angle of tilt and motorcycle lean angle.

The Harley-Davidson Pan America is designed to explore, endure and take you to the adventure with a thrilling experience. It comes in Vivid Black, Gauntlet Gray Metallic, Deadwood Green, and Baja Orange/Stonewashed White Pearl. Price starts at P 1,400.000.00.

Article: Alex A Source: Harley-Davidson Production: J AD Media

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