Madiskarteng Entrepreneurs In Action With Bajaj

1st Bajaj Mobile Food Festival in Aplaya, Calamba City, Laguna where the Madiskarteng Entrepreneurs show off their unique business ideas.

Laguna remains CALABARZON’s retail business rising star as MSMEs get innovation in action! Pinoys are natural businessmen that even the pandemic did not stop us. It is evident when MSMEs blew up to 99.51% of businesses in Philippines. This is based on the data recorded by DTI in 2020. This greatly affected sector found their way in discovering sariling diskarte. Through Bajaj Three-wheelers, as we now call them Madiskarteng Entrepreneurs.

Recently, an estimated foot traffic of 1,400 bayside goers went to the 1st Bajaj Mobile Food Festival. A 3-day weekend event that took place in Aplaya, Calamba City, Laguna. The Madiskarteng Entrepreneurs show off their unique business ideas made from Bajaj Business Solutions. Lined-up along the bridge-like walkway of Baywalk, Aplaya are seven (7) Bajaj Food Cart concepts. With varying famous Pinoy favorite snacks from burgers, hotdog sandwiches, takoyaki, ice scramble, fruit refreshments and coffee latte.

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