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We move to a new normal life with travel restrictions. This is a struggle motorists face after the lockdown. As construction picks up, traffic builds up. Holcim recommends innovative building solutions that can help contractors keep workers safe and catch up to deadlines. Holcim SFCrete gives four innovative solutions in response to the build, build, build project of the country. These solutions may help ease commuters, motorists, and road-users travel time.

Help contractors finish projects safely and on time.  It is considered as a “one-day concrete” since curing only takes a day instead of regular concrete which takes 14 days to mix, place, cure, and attain the desired strength.

Wider use of building solutions. Local builders can have readily available materials since innovation and techniques can be deployed locally. 

Execute with high performance and efficiency. To meet deadlines while having limited workers at sites in compliance with social distancing regulations is what Holcim has fostered with a full range of products.

Accessible business and technical support facilities. Manufacturing facilities are available in La Union, Bulacan, Batangas, Misamis Oriental, and Davao, as well as aggregates and dry mix business. 

“Construction does not have to take a backseat while the search for a permanent solution to COVID-19 is ongoing. We can adapt new technologies and ways of working to address labor shortages and restrictions to large numbers of workers at job sites. Such innovations are already available for wider use in the Philippines,”

– Ram Magant, Vice President for Marketing and Innovation.

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Article: Alex A. Source: Holcim Philippines Production: J AD Media

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