Corsa Tires Champions Safety at Two Big Events

Manila, Philippines – June 30, 2024 – Corsa Tires, known for their reliable motorcycle tires, reaffirmed their dedication to safety by sponsoring two recent events: the challenging Vtour Endurance Ride and the first-ever Grand Test Ride.

The Vtour endurance ride, a grueling 555 & 1111 kilometer challenge that began at Bazaar City in Cainta, tested riders’ mettle. With checkpoints scattered across the province, including By-pass Road Lopez, Edling’s Cafe Tagkawayan, Fuente De Malagunlong Tayabas, and the Japanese Garden Caliraya, the course pushed participants to their limits.

Corsa’s sponsored riders weren’t just determined in the Vtour – they exuded confidence throughout. This came from their trust in Corsa Motorcycle Tires’ top-notch performance and safety features.

A Collaborative Focus on Safety at the Grand Test Ride

The highly anticipated Grand Test Ride, meticulously planned by Lifestyle On Wheels, MotoTowne, and Bridgetowne Destination Estate, marked a historic moment. For the first time, almost all motorcycle riding schools and motorcycle brands came together for a test ride that prioritized safety. RideAcademi, MMDA Riding Academy, and MotorClyde Training Center spearheaded the safety practical assessment, perfectly aligning with Corsa Motorcycle Tires’ core values. Riders from partner schools and Corsa’s Traction Masters impressed the crowd with their skills, reminding everyone of the importance of control and safe riding. Corsa Motorcycle Tires’ commitment to every ride.

“Safety isn’t an option at Corsa Tires, it’s what drives us,” said Andrew Lim of Corsa Motorcycle Tires. “That’s why we’re proud to back events that teach safe riding and give riders the confidence to go anywhere.”

About Corsa Tires Philippines

Corsa Tires Philippines is the foremost brand of motorcycle tires in both Indonesia and the Philippines. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation,
Corsa Tires Philippines is dedicated to providing motorcycle enthusiasts with superior performance and unmatched dominance across diverse terrains. By delivering products of the highest quality, Corsa Tires Philippines continually enhances the riding experience, solidifying its position as the go-to brand for motorcycle tire excellence.

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