Bajaj Maxima Z Made Retirement Plan An Adventure

After retiring as a church driver, he didn’t stop seeking ways to earn a living. That’s when he discovered the Bajaj Maxima Z—a three-wheeler that would change his life. Let’s dive into the story of our fellow ka-Bajaj, Mr. Edmundo Jadie.

All-around Kapartner: As a retiree, the Bajaj Maxima Z became a lifeline for Edmundo and his wife. Being senior citizens, they needed a reliable source of income. The Maxima Z’s multi-purpose features came to the rescue. Edmundo discovered multiple ways to utilize his Bajaj Maxima Z, ensuring a consistent income flow. Whether he’s transporting goods or ferrying passengers, the Maxima Z remains his reliable sidekick!

Kumikita na, dumidiskarte pa: Edmundo proudly shares, “I earn P700 – P1,000 daily, excluding gas and other expenses.” This income covers their daily needs and then some. The secret? The Bajaj Maxima Z’s fuel injection (FI) system, boosts efficiency and maximizes profits. Rain or shine, Edmundo brings home a bigger slice of the pie.

Pang personal na, pampasada pa: The Maxima Z isn’t just for business—it’s personal too. Edmundo folds down the seats to accommodate his grandchildren’s school stuff. From school runs to hauling large boxes, the Maxima Z handles it all with ease. Whether you’re commuting, running a business, or simply enjoying retirement, the Bajaj Maxima Z is your versatile companion. Be ahead in life with a low downpayment of P25,000.00. Visit our website at to find the nearest authorized dealer. Have questions? Click here for inquiries!

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