You Will Love The New Honda Dio

Curious why this multi-purpose scooter is a must-have?

Are you looking for a new ride that can help you with your daily commute tasks or for your leisure ride? Why you will love the new Honda Dio? Then look no further. Honda recently launches the new Honda Dio. It is a well-known scooter since its introduction in Japan way back in 1988. Now in the Philippines, this durable multi-purpose ride is the perfect Pinoy scoot companion. It is built for your daily commute and at the same time for your weekend reliable rides.

You will love the new Honda Dio. This scooter is available in three stylish design. The Candy Jazzy Blue, Sports Red, and Vibrant Orange is an eye-magnet. Furthermore, the air-cooled, 109cc, four-stroke single overhead cam (SOHC) engine is perfect for a 58.3km/l fuel consumption daily ride needs. Undoubtedly, its spacious 14.4-liter capacity U-Box makes your everyday ride even better.

“As the latest addition to our motorcycle offerings, The All-New DIO is our way of helping everyone face today’s everyday challenges. People will surely love it because, with this multi-purpose scooter, they can always seize the day,”

Mr. Susumu Mitsuishi, HPI President

Starting this May 2021, the All-New DIO will be available in all Honda dealerships nationwide. The suggested retail price is P49,900.

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