Yamaha’s Environmental Plan 2050

Yamaha Motor reviews environmental plan 2050 targets- aiming for carbon neutrality over the entire product life cycle by 2050.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Tokyo: 7272) revealed that the CO2 emission reduction targets in the Yamaha Motor Group Environmental Plan 2050 begun their drive last 2018. It aims to neutralize carbon emissions in all of its business activities. And it will go through the life cycles of its products. Targeted until 2050, the Environmental Plan 2050 resets the vision to meet its plan by 2030 and 2035.

Yammaha Enviro Plan Scope 1 n 2 Lifestyle On Wheels
Emissions produced as a direct result of business activities

Based on the company’s review, its efforts toward achieving this plan will accelerate and fulfill its philosophy of further reducing the CO2 emitted per person during movement.

Basic Policy

  • Use efficient power sources and switch to power sources with low CO2 emissions
  • Promote use of personal mobility with low CO2 emissions
Yammaha Enviroment Plan Scope 3 Lifestyle On Wheels
Emissions produced from the company’s value chain.

Yamaha continuously offers options for personal mobility with eco-friendly and low CO2 emissions. It is in line in the production life cycle, from raw material procurement, manufacturing, and waste disposal. Moreover, this is towards meeting its goal for society. And will continue to offer values for mobility in addition to its signature motorcycles.

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