Upgrade Or Modify Your Bike?


You finally decided and purchased your new commuter bike that somewhat serves your purpose for both work and play. What’s the first thing you want to do with your bike? Yep, that’s right personalize it and call them names like “Brusk” or “Matt”. Often you add-on personality like changing the mudguards, handlebar, and stuff to make it look like its name and modify it. But is that necessary for now? 

Well, most of the bikes do not need to modify but some upgrades might help feel you add character to your ride. Here are some upgrades Honda Motor Philippines suggests some essential upgrades for your better ride and for your safe journey with your bike. Although these recommendations are not essential for brand new bikes since it already has its improvement and style, it might be perfect for your old or valued bike for keeps.

LED Lights. One of the reasons why most people hesitate to ride motorcycles is because riding such small and quick vehicles can be dangerous, especially in the dark. LED lights bring outstanding illumination rivaling even that of cars. It has broader and brighter beams, which helps other vehicles be aware of your presence on the road.

Anti-Theft Alarms. You can have numerous ways to protect your motorcycle from theft, like using chains to secure the wheels or attaching a disc lock on the front brake disc to lock brake and throttle controls. However, motorcycle thieves are still equipped with the right equipment to crack these security measures. Try installing an anti-theft alarm on your motorcycle so that your bike is safer from theft.

Utility Box. Yes, your motorcycle already has a bag hook and trunk space to carry your belongings. However, these storages may not always be suited to accommodate your needs. Installing utility boxes on your bike will address your storage problems and may even do away with the need to carry anything on your person! These boxes come in different sizes that allow you to carry small items to even something as big as a full-sized helmet.

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