The Rolls-Royce Transcends With Bespoke Dawn

Rolls-Royce created Bespoke Dawn in association with Kengo Kuma of Toykyo Japan


Rolls-Royce created Bespoke Dawn in association with Kengo Kuma of Toykyo Japan. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and Kengo Kuma bridged the automotive and architectural design world. The unveiling of a first-of-its-kind Bespoke Rolls-Royce Dawn was created for exclusive and luxury use of the owner.

Kengo Kuma’s architecture, challenges the relationship between interior and exterior. The “Kita” way. The natural canvas of a motor car interior that connects the exterior side from the outside world.

It was an honour to collaborate with Kengo Kuma to create a serene and timeless motor car for a serene and timeless building. From the inception of the marque over 100 years ago, Rolls-Royce has transcended the automotive field, taking the tangible entity of a car and delivering its patrons the intangible: a truly unique experience. As this project demonstrates, through the authentic application of unique designs and materials, we can provide rare sensory experiences that reflect and enhance our owners’ multi-faceted lifestyles.”

Gavin Hartley, Head of Bespoke Design, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

The Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective worked is with Mr Kuma and Westbank. It ensures the design reflects ‘The Kita’ in terms of materials, colour palette, texture and ambience.

Dawn’s exterior is rendered in Silver Haze, a multi-faceted color that speaks of the silver-grey of the building’s core structural materials. It reveals a bronze sheen illuminated by the sun.

Article: Alex A Source: Rolls-Royce Production: J AD Media

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