The Yamaha Mio Fazzio launch shows the importance of Gen Z individuals making waves in the world of fashion.

The newest member of the Mio family is finally in the Philippines, Yamaha Mio Fazzio. This targets the latest fashion-generation that models creativity and self-expression. According to Yamaha’s official statement, this is the all-around function that has essential features of innovation, aesthetic design, and the travel in style. Here’s what Yamaha has to say.

The Yamaha Mio Fazzio /fätsiō / the latest generation stylish AT was just launched by Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. who saw the importance of how Gen Z individuals are making waves in the world of fashion. There is no way to ignore their unique style and originality, and that’s where this product revolved around. This model puts heavy importance on creativity and self-expression. It was designed with three essential features in mind: Innovation, Aesthetics, and All-Around Function.

First and foremost, INNOVATION.

The Mio Fazzio is a machine designed for first-generation digital natives who are always up to date on the newest global technological trends. The Blue Core Hybrid Engine makes its debut with the product, featuring a power assist function that activates for 3 seconds when the throttle is engaged, providing more torque and smooth acceleration when starting from a stop. It also contains the Y-Connect system, which digitally connects you to your motorcycle, as well as the Stop and Start System, which contributes to excellent fuel economy.

On top of these technological advantages, it has a stunning AESTHETIC.

The design is based on the idea of “simplicity” defined as uninfluenced by short-term trends, having functionality and capacity of enjoying one’s lifestyle, and gives riders their own canvass where they can express their personality in unique fashion. The LED Headlight and Position Lights’ oval pattern allows for an efficient design that provides outstanding forward illumination, including light reflection off the rims. The instrument cluster button is organized in a universal style that allows you to utilize the Meter Panel with either hand. The inverted LCD blends in with the blacked-out back panel, and the Power Assist indicator is animated to demonstrate function. The oval taillight is easily recognizable thanks to the design, which showcases it in a timeless and polished manner. The Mio Fazzio’s distinct design allows the rider to stand out and express themselves through each colorway, stressing simplicity and originality in a language akin to art, providing a minimalistic expression through the use of vertical color bands as graphic motifs.


It provides convenient space for a smooth and comfortable ride with a spacious footboard wherever you travel. Under-seat storage with a 17.8-liter capacity, double carabiner-type hooks, a lid, and open pockets for items that reflect your personal style. With 12″ tires that delivers outstanding grip and balance for a secure ride. It also has Electric Power Sockets to keep your smart gadgets charged and selfie ready. Accessory Ports provide a wide choice of modification options for personal expression. In the pursuit of fashionable and practical usability, the styling fits in with a variety of uses while providing possibilities of customization.

These factors combine to create a motorcycle that fits every style and mood, allowing a generation to start Youniquness. The Mio Fazzio has an SRP of 88,900 and comes in Ivory White, Cyan, and red. Available in the Yamaha YZone, RevZones, and 3S Shops nationwide.

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