Revel bar and s’mores back at FamilyMart

The most loved food items are back at the FamilyMart Philippines’– the revel bar, and the s’mores, making fans long for the old days.

FamilyMart Philippines brings back two of its most loved pastries–the revel bar and the s’mores–at its stores nationwide. After years of making fans long for the old days, some of FamilyMart Philippines’ most loved food items are back–the revel bar, and the s’mores. The local franchise of the Japanese convenience store chain has brought back the baked goods, making a serving of each pastry bigger and more chewy and fudgy, as answer to the clamor of long-time customers.

“We’ve been getting messages from customers, asking us to bring back these items, so we found a way to address it. Better than before, the FamilyMart revel bar and s’mores are back as a way to recognize the loyalty of our patrons.”

Angelo Balajadia, FamilyMart Philippines Category Marketing Manager – Convenience Food Retail Category.


One of its most popular pastries, the revel bar is composed of an oatmeal crust that intertwines with chocolate, and topped with streusel. Meanwhile, as inspired by the campfire staple, the s’mores come in a bar with a brownie base, and topped with marshmallow. Both are moist and chewy, and best served warmed after five to 10 seconds in the microwave. Available nationwide, the pastries are up for grabs in FamilyMart stores starting at P49 each, and will soon be available for delivery via GrabFood.

Aside from the revel bar and s’mores, FamilyMart also recently introduced new items, such as the Ichigo Matcha Latte, a combination of two of its flavored drinks, as well as its own version of the twister fries, which will be made available year-round. Over the last years, the brand has been actively establishing itself not only as a convenience store chain, but also as a food destination, introducing new food products regularly even during the height of the pandemic.

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FamilyMart Philippines brings back two of its most loved pastries–the revel bar and the s’mores–at its stores nationwide.

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