Newest Cleanfuel is now In Olongapo City

Cleanfuel Expands Presence in one of the fastest-growing and commerce-driven cities in Central Luzon: Olongapo City.

The newest Cleanfuel is now Olongapo City. The company, known to provide “Quality Fuel for Less”, expands its presence in one of the fastest-growing and commerce-driven cities in Central Luzon.


The Cleanfuel Olongapo will bring closer quality products to motorists within the area. This is in particular with the Subic economic zone and generally brings economic growth to other areas of Zambales.

  • Clean-Fuel-Olongapo-City-3-Lifestyle-On-Wheels
  • Clean-Fuel-Olongapo-City-2-Lifestyle-On-Wheels
  • Clean-Fuel-Olongapo-City-Lifestyle-On-Wheels

“Getting access to affordable products is one way to stimulate growth anywhere in the country and we at Cleanfuel strongly believe in this.”

“Rest assured that aside from providing ‘Quality Fuel for Less’, we will continue to be every city’s constant partner and advocate for progress.”

– Atty. Jesus “Bong” Suntay, Cleanfuel President

As Mr. Suntay describes, Cleanfuel provides not only quality fuel for less but also top-notch services as well.

  • Clean-Fuel-Olongapo-Quality-Service-3-Lifestyle-On-Wheels
  • Clean-Fuel-Olongapo-Quality-Service-2-Lifestyle-On-Wheels
  • Clean-Fuel-Olongapo-Quality-Service-Lifestyle-On-Wheels

For instance, local residents of Olongapo and the entire province of Zambales will enjoy the world-class amenities. In particular, clean spacious air-conditioned restrooms, huge parking spaces, and air-and-water services.

  • Clean-Fuel-Olongapo-City-Parking-Lifestyle-On-Wheels
  • Clean-Fuel-Olongapo-CR-Lifestyle-On-Wheels
  • Clean-Fuel-Gapo-Perspective-Opening-Lifestyle-On-Wheels

Further, growth potential is taken into consideration with leasable commercial spaces and cashless payment options.

  • Clean-Fuel-Olongapo-City-Tourist-3-Lifestyle-On-Wheels

Moreover, the Cleanfuel VIP rewards program will further take advantage of the products, even tourists and visitors can enjoy the perks.

  • Clean-Fuel-Olongapo-City-Perks-3-Lifestyle-On-Wheels
  • Clean-Fuel-Olongapo-City-Perks-2-Lifestyle-On-Wheels
  • Clean-Fuel-Olongapo-City-Perks-Lifestyle-On-Wheels

Visit the newest and cleanest Cleanfuel station in the busiest stretch of Olongapo, Zambales. It is along the National Highway in Barangay Barretto, Olongapo City, Zambales.

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