Modified Way Of Celebrating “UNDAS”

The “New Normal” Way to Commemorate All Saints’ Day


All-Saints Day or All-Souls Day is annually celebrated in our country. We visit our loved ones and practice the usual traditions by simple prayers for them, bringing them flowers, and decorating the grave to keep your departed loved ones’ grave draped in flowers, candles, and memorabilia to honor their memories. 

The tradition is now modified and usual practice can be made with these guidelines. 

  • Visiting days will only be allowed prior to or after the traditional day announced by authorities. 
  • 30 percent of the cemetery’s maximum capacity can only be accommodated inside. 
  • Must adhere to safety protocols like ensuring social distancing and wearing of face masks and shields.  

With this modified way of traditional practice, Honda is one with this practice in observance of All Saints’ Day. Honda affirms motorcycles can offer fast, convenient, and safe means allowing you to visit your loved departed ones in complying with these guidelines. 

Their All-New Honda Airblade 150 will breeze you through and help in traffic situations, easy operation, and powerful engine, during the scheduled dates on your way to the cemetery and observe visiting hours. 

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Article: Alex A Source: Honda Motors Philippines Production: J AD Media

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