Long Lane of Traffic to Petron’s 50% Off Craze


With the announcement earlier on social media that Petron Philippines will hold its 50 % Off, Petron fuel stations now creates a long lane traffic of cars to get on the discount craze.

Petron pump attendant in C5 branch near SM Aura has been in head over heels since 10 o”clock in the morning as vehicles wait for the 11am to 01 pm discount schedule.

This is the Petron’s blowout holiday to end the 2020. Vehicle can gas up their gasoline or diesel engine cars at the half price of the original rate per liter.If you still want to enjoy this promo, head on to your nearest Petron fuel stations or just wait for another blow-out treat.

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Article: Alex A Source: Petron Philippines Production: J AD Media

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