Honda help restores the Japanese Garden in Luneta Park that is known for its lagoon and its bridge. It was found at the heart of Luneta Park that symbolizes the friendship between Filipinos and Japanese. By donating Honda WX10T and WL30XH water pumps, Honda powers Luneta aiming three memorable significance to every Filipino. 

Turn-over of Honda Power Tools

The Serenity of the garden.

The Japanese Garden represents serenity. Calm, hush, and tranquil, just like Filipinos, reflects a peaceful and serene mind. Honda helps preserve the Japanese Garden brings serenity and beauty to the bustling city of Manila.

Potential joy of life.

Every Filipino deserves a smile in every work and endeavors. That is what Filipinos are known for, a smile on every face. With the help of Honda Power Tools, caretakers can do their daily tasks to maintain the area of the Japanese Garden easily.

Power for the toughest conditions.

Hardworking Filipinos never falter in any trials faced no matter how hard the tribulations. Honda with its lightweight, compact, and easy to use with an engine that performs in its high power output and superb fuel economy. It is like the heart of every Filipino. 

Lightweight, compact, and easy to use engine from Honda.

“Through this initiative, Honda aims to show our support in maintaining the Japanese Garden, which is not only a national attraction but also one of the symbols that represent the ties between the Philippines and Japan,”

– Mr. Susumu Mitsuishi, HPI President.

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Article: Alex A. Source: Honda Motor Philippines Inc. Production: J AD Media

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