Here is why Honda motorcycles are your ride

Here is why the Honda motorcycles are your ride of the Day in the new OOTD’s stylish and functional ride on the road.

Honda motorcycles may be your choice to be your ride of the Day in the new OOTD. This is one of the stylish and functional rides on the road today. Here is why Honda motorcycles are your ride.

Style and functionality combined 

The AirBlade150 is equipped with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and other advanced features. Available at PhP109,000, making it is undoubtedly a safe and stylish ride for young riders and everyday commuters. 


A sporty look for the sportier riders 

Sporty ride? Honda got the Supra GTR150. It will make you go and feel more than its racetrack-ready physique. It’s good for errands too. It gives you a hype performance when riding. Imagine how fast you can go with its 6-Speed DOHC 4-Valve Liquid-Cooled Engine.


Riding experience to the next level  

Now make heads turn with The All-New PCX160. The sophisticated look provides a powerful combination of power and performance. With a highly efficient engine, it shows its fuel consumption is very promising. 


For more details about this stylish and functional ride on the road, visit their website and take home your favorite Honda motorcycle for your daily ride.

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