Gran Turismo 7 is Now Available with Brembo

The wait is over: GRAN TURISMO™ 7 is now available, with Brembo as the exclusive partner for braking systems.

DETROIT– Brembo, the leading company in the development and production of high performance braking systems, is proud to be the official technical partner in braking systems for Gran Turismo™ 7, which is available for PS4™ and PS5™ consoles from today. 

(c) Gran Turismo™ 7

Thanks to Brembo’s experience as a solutions provider, the company is offering its most distinctive and highest performance braking systems in the Gran Turismo 7 Tuning Shop. The virtual window where players will be able to upgrade and customize their original cars. They can enhance their competitiveness while racing. 

(c) Gran Turismo™ 7

Gran Turismo™ 7, offers more than 400 cars from over 50 automotive manufacturers at launch. Furthermore, all cars whose braking systems can be tuned in the Tuning Shop can be equipped with Brembo solutions.

(c) Gran Turismo™ 7

As the exclusive partner in the category, Brembo is making its UPGRADE systems available to players. That includes Carbon Ceramic discs and GT|BM calipers in 8 different colors. 

(c) Gran Turismo™ 7

From high performance to reliability and style, Gran Turismo™ 7 drivers will discover unique Brembo braking solutions. The best driving experience it can offer, just as the company does in reality. 

(c) Gran Turismo™ 7

Brembo’s profile and values will be visible in the Gran Turismo™ 7 game’s Brand Central and in the Brand Central Museum. In addition, Brembo’s branding will appear on the tracks featured in the game.

(c) Gran Turismo™ 7

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