Easy Escape to Everyday Fun with Yamaha PG-1

Eye-catching design: It has a retro look with a round headlight, reminiscent of 1970s scrambler motorcycles.

Comfortable ride: The low seat height makes it easy to get on and off, and the suspension is well-tuned for a smooth ride.
Rides like a dream in the city: Zippy, easy to handle (especially for beginners!), and super fuel-efficient!
Sufficient power: Sufficient for everyday commuting, the engine might not be ideal for long highway rides or heavy loads.
Basic features: It has a halogen headlight and a fairly simple instrument cluster, lacking some of the bells and whistles found on more modern motorcycles.
Availability: Available in the Philippine market.
Target market: Comfy seat, easy to ride, perfect for the city, and gets you there without breaking the bank.
Price: ₱ 96,400.00

Check out the YAMAHA website or at a dealership to see what riders are saying about their experience with the Yamaha PG-1.

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