Angkas Shield Approved!


Finally, after a long process of designing and revising the prototype shield to facilitate and minimize transmission of Covid-19, back-ride is only allowed with the use of approved design. This will aide riders of Angkas to rideshare and do delivery services.

Angkas spotlighted SAFETY, SECURITY, and EFFECTIVITY of the approved backpack-like barrier. 

Safety. Using helmet and facemask alone serves as protective gear for accidents and airborne particles from the wind. This shield worn by riders adds assurance on the safety of passengers for being infected by Covid-19.

Security. The newly designed and approved shield for back ride riders is assured to be securely-worn by riders making riders’ balance won’t interfere.

Effectivity.  Installing a barrier between the passenger and rider was required by the government and the design was approved. We expect that this shield will serve its purpose as required.

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Article: Alex A. Source: Angkas Production: J AD Media

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